Health Concern Ghana

Health Concern Ghana is a private institution in Accra, Ghana, West Africa and is accredited by the Nurses’ and Midwives’ Council of Ghana to run the Ministry of Health approved Health Assistant Training (Clinical) programme. This is a 2- year certificate course.

The Nurses and Midwives Council for Ghana (NMCG) regulates the School’s curriculum.

Health Concern was registered under the company Code, 1963(act 179) on 1st November 1999.


Our vision is to be an internationally recognised centre of excellence in nursing education, upholding compliance to standards of care and practice made evident by client satisfaction and to generate nursing knowledge through research and practice for promoting quality of life.



Mission Statement
To promote quality nursing education through objective dissemination of excellent nursing knowledge with the aim of producing highly competent and skilled nurses who have been carefully selected and  who share our common ethos of promoting client dignity, quality of life  and independence through evidence-based practice.